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2018年4月19日 (木)

slight changes take place

Indeed, apple's marketing strategy has changed slightly in recent years. If you look at recent apple ads, the iphone X's tagline is "Say Hello to the future," while the new ipad's tagline is "this computer, minus the computer's Like a computer.unlike any computer" -- gradually focusing on features.

Brand ads like "Think Different" are indeed getting fewer. Apple's current ads incorporate more product features into the scene, such as apple's smart speaker Homepod AD: apple live sets up a space that is free to stretch, stretch, and change quadrants, like Nolan's movie scene.

They can be easily carried and comes in a variety of sizes being supremely portable. If you think where to get reliable adapters, then reputed gift company like Asia Premium Solutions might be the one place to look for.

Or "Fly Market," the feature that Apple pay advertises on the iphone X, a grocery Market in which just a glance at an item will Fly over you, reflecting the rapidity of the iphone X's "face swiping payment."

That doesn't mean they're not good ads. From industry media such as Adweek to mass media, or ordinary consumers, apple still dazzles its creativity when it launches a new AD, and apple's AD is still a marketing benchmark for many companies in the tech industry.

But it's true that apple, which used to be full of angles and rebelliousness, is disappearing. We've written extensively about the reasons for this change: it's not entirely a matter of strategy or management structure -- apple faces a different market environment than it did two decades ago.

Simply put, apple has gone from a rebel against the mainstream to a big company waiting to be challenged. Apple, which is aimed at the broader mass market, began to pay attention to ordinary people's Daily interests and become more and more affectionate. But strangely, in a way, people associate "cool" with subculture and rebellion. And that tender, not so cold apple, always let a person feel to lack something.

Sustainable farming is more and more used in the world. In Ireland, Origin Green encourages Irish farmers to work on food sustainability and prolong the lifespan of unique natural resources through contemporary farming.

Other brands are catching up in terms of product features, and apple doesn't exactly have the upper hand in terms of price and performance. The company, which was once a fan of the much-ballyhooed iphone X sales, didn't even reveal the exact number of iphones it sold in the fiscal second quarter. Against this backdrop, it might be more appropriate to use apple's usual innovation genes to promote product performance.

For Ken Segall, though, he wants apple to return to the radicalism of the jobs era. "" apple became too bland. Tim Cook just wants to play the safety card. But the essence of business is risk taking."

« These three trends will revolutionise | トップページ | British Rain Boot Brand »







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