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more than two hundred

Swiftly, steadily urged on, like some great beetle moving across the surface of a sheet of burnished glass, the gig was impelled over the smooth expanse of the sheltered waters; for, although outside in the Sound itself the whitecaps were prancing under the lee of the islands, here it was almost a flat calm cruise hong kong .

The men rowed in perfect unison, like some accurately timed piece of mechanism. Before long they could make out, lying in under the shoulder of a distant island, the outlines of a slate-colored craft.

The Seneca? asked Ned of the coxswain.

Yes, sir; that's the Seneca.

She looks a trim little hooker.

Aye, aye, sir; she's all of that, si reenex facial r.

[Pg 49]

Ned and Herc gazed with burning eyes and dancing pulses at the little craft. She was certainly not very large or imposing, but to them just then the finest Dreadnought ever launched could not have brought such emotions.

Not more than two hundred and fifty feet long, the Seneca appeared at first glance more like the ideal of a smart yacht than a craft of war. She had a sharp, overhanging bow and a beautifully modeled stern. Her rigging was of the schooner type, with the spider-web outlines of her wireless aerials slung between them.

In respect, doubtless, of her yachty lines, the Seneca had been used by a former President as a sort of official craft to convoy him to maneuvers and reviews.

Ned felt his enthusiasm rising, too, as lying against the Seneca's side, like the young of some sea monster, he made out the porpoise-like backs of the two submarines of which she was the parent ship. The sight of them brought back to[Pg 50] him the stirring days when he and Herc had aided the inventor of that type of diving boat, both in his pioneer voyages and in his romance.

He had only time to drink in this and other details with greedy eyes, when the gig swept around to the starboard gangway, reserved by immemorial custom for officers' embarkation.

From the marine sentry stationed at the head of the gangway came a sharp hail.

Boat ahoy! What boat is that hotel jobs in hong kong ?

Aye! aye! came from the coxswain.

This showed that there were commissioned officers on board. Had they been non-commissioned passengers, the reply to the hail would have been: No! no! For the captain and for other higher naval ranks there were other rejoinders, which have been enumerated in preceding volumes.

« were gradually deformed | トップページ | who were sent from »






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