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five ways cloud computing will transform while in the subsequent year

Because the cloud arrives of age, its been applied since the jumping off point for many digital transformation initiatives within just firms, especially as it moves outside of the data center. Here Forrester's 5 predictions for cloud computing in 2019:

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1. Enterprise investing will maximize

The 6 cloud giants-Alibaba, Amazon Net Services (AWS), Google, IBM, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle-will continue expanding in 2019, according to the report. The worldwide cloud computing current market is predicted to surpass $200 billion in 2019, with providers increasing expending to update aging legacy apps, claimed the report.

two. Container, Kubernetes (K8s), and serverless will change core company applications

Enterprise container adoption greater radically in 2018, as outlined by the report, and will only continue on as businesses try and reinvigorate legacy apps. With cloud-native resource parts, businesses will start out introducing digital software platforms geared in the direction of modernization, Forrester predicted. Essentially the most well-known development in 2019 will be generating K8s much easier to control, keep an eye on, enhance, and secure, added the report.

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three. New methods to private cloud

A lot more composition is going to be coming to cloud management, reported the report, with three principal avenues organizations usually takes. The initial solution is with the group to build the program alone with vSphere and developer-focused tools, claimed the report. The second alternative is always to have the method created to suit your needs, with converged software program stacks. Providers could also develop the process with OpenStack and use their own individual team's abilities, the report explained.

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4. Platform like a Provider (PaaS) approaches will look at encounters above time

In 2019, enterprises will decide whether to leverage PaaS precise to some cloud provider, or to only operate on cloud neutrality, explained the report. No matter the approach, the company will have to regularly test and reevaluate its development, ensuring the method it used on working day one particular is still relevant and valuable on working day two, included the report.

5. Application being a Assistance (SaaS)-based marketplace methods will obtain recognition

SaaS sector and integration will merge in 2019, Forrester predicted, connecting companies in actual time. SAP, as an example, could minimize the multi-customer aspect of SAP Electronic Manufacturing Cloud and type a more successful and agile process for manufacturers that should adjust suppliers in actual time because of exterior forces, the report extra.

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The massive takeaways for tech leaders:
As cloud ages, its qualities and functionality during the business will come to be better still plus more integrated. - Forrester, 2018
Far more cloud expending, new personal cloud tactics, and SaaS-based applications all occupy the future functionality of cloud technologies.

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Cloud Computing Will come Of Age

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British Rain Boot Brand

Jpules spring '19 women's Chelsea boots.

After three decades cornering the rain boot market, Joules is out do the same in lifestyle footwear. Starting this fall, the company, based in Market Harborough, England, has expanded its offering of leather boots, shoes and sandals for men and women in response to customer demand.

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Bil Waring, senior footwear buyer, pointed out that the brand stepped into the leather footwear category seven years ago, but it wasn’t until the 2014 debut of a women’s Chelsea boot that consumers took significant notice. “It brought a lot of our old customers into the category, and it started to take off ,” he said.

This fall, the spotlight is on men’s with the introduction of the Bourne Chelsea boot, the Hyde lace-up and the Keel brogue, retailing from $78 to $143. “[Our prior men’s collection] was something we did without any real conviction,” said Waring. Joules is also growing its women’s business for fall with the launch of the Compton, a tall boot with a suede shaft, and the Finchdale, a mid-height shearling boot in water-resistant leather.

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Men’s brogue for fall ’18.

Spring ’19 will welcome several new women’s leather sandals. “They were something we’ve been asked for quite a lot [by retailers and consumers],” said Waring. “We had them before, but having two styles in two color ways, it got lost. We’ve now built a range.” In addition for spring, the label will launch loafers and canvas sneakers in the U.S. for the first time. The entire line retails for $65 to $220.

Today, footwear represents 27 percent of Joules’ U.S. business, with distribution in major accounts including Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Belk, Anthropologie and Zappos, as well as regional stores such as Shoe Station. While the brand is staking a greater claim in traditional shoes, by no means does it plan to abandon its signature rain boots.

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“We’re finding the leather side of the business is growing so quickly, it’s catching up with rubber,” said Waring, “but it’s not taking sales away from that [category]. Instead, the customer buying rain boots is also buying flip-flops and Chelsea boots.”

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slight changes take place

Indeed, apple's marketing strategy has changed slightly in recent years. If you look at recent apple ads, the iphone X's tagline is "Say Hello to the future," while the new ipad's tagline is "this computer, minus the computer's Like a computer.unlike any computer" -- gradually focusing on features.

Brand ads like "Think Different" are indeed getting fewer. Apple's current ads incorporate more product features into the scene, such as apple's smart speaker Homepod AD: apple live sets up a space that is free to stretch, stretch, and change quadrants, like Nolan's movie scene.

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Or "Fly Market," the feature that Apple pay advertises on the iphone X, a grocery Market in which just a glance at an item will Fly over you, reflecting the rapidity of the iphone X's "face swiping payment."

That doesn't mean they're not good ads. From industry media such as Adweek to mass media, or ordinary consumers, apple still dazzles its creativity when it launches a new AD, and apple's AD is still a marketing benchmark for many companies in the tech industry.

But it's true that apple, which used to be full of angles and rebelliousness, is disappearing. We've written extensively about the reasons for this change: it's not entirely a matter of strategy or management structure -- apple faces a different market environment than it did two decades ago.

Simply put, apple has gone from a rebel against the mainstream to a big company waiting to be challenged. Apple, which is aimed at the broader mass market, began to pay attention to ordinary people's Daily interests and become more and more affectionate. But strangely, in a way, people associate "cool" with subculture and rebellion. And that tender, not so cold apple, always let a person feel to lack something.

Sustainable farming is more and more used in the world. In Ireland, Origin Green encourages Irish farmers to work on food sustainability and prolong the lifespan of unique natural resources through contemporary farming.

Other brands are catching up in terms of product features, and apple doesn't exactly have the upper hand in terms of price and performance. The company, which was once a fan of the much-ballyhooed iphone X sales, didn't even reveal the exact number of iphones it sold in the fiscal second quarter. Against this backdrop, it might be more appropriate to use apple's usual innovation genes to promote product performance.

For Ken Segall, though, he wants apple to return to the radicalism of the jobs era. "" apple became too bland. Tim Cook just wants to play the safety card. But the essence of business is risk taking."

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These three trends will revolutionise

These three trends will revolutionise cars: electric, Shared and unmanned.

These three technologies are about to revolutionize the auto industry.

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According to VentureBeat, the auto industry is about to enter a new era: the rise of driverless cars, the proliferation of the "Uber effect" and the decline of cars using internal combustion engines.

For most of the 20th century, cars represented the frontiers of modern technology, including speed, innovation, sexuality, individuality and avoidance. Many countries have built road infrastructure and opened more roads in the countryside in the name of connectivity. But just as Henry Ford (the original car subvert) changed the face of the industry by producing the Model T in 1908, we were once again at the turning point of innovation.

The car industry we are familiar with will not survive in the 21st century. Some established companies will choose to follow the electric car, driverless cars, and share the economic trend, but with the rise of today's technology leads us into new areas and many other companies will be left behind. Here are three major trends that will revolutionize the auto industry:

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Electric cars end the internal combustion engine.

The new car you just bought is likely to be your last car with an internal combustion engine, because electric cars are on the rise. For years, the conventional wisdom about electric cars was that they needed too much infrastructure, and we were too dependent on speed and oil, which made the internal combustion engine ubiquitous.

But Electric Car technology has been around for years, as detailed in the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car" (2006). In addition to the oil lobbying issues outlined in the film, a major obstacle to large-scale adoption of electric vehicles is cost and efficiency. The cost of electric cars will remain high until enough people buy them. Many americans still choose hybrid cars because they are more common than charging stations in the United States.

However, the rest of the world has seen a shift towards electric cars. A study by Nissan in 2017 found that the number of petrol stations in the UK has fallen by 75 per cent over the past 40 years. The study predicts that by the summer of 2020, the number of petrol stations will fall to 7,870, while the number of electric car charging stations will rise to 7,900, a rise of more than 90%.

Countries such as Britain and France have promised that fuel cars will be banned from the roads by 2040. In the United States, on the market at present there are 23 plug-in electric cars and 36 hybrid cars, almost every major automakers have publicly announced in the next 10 years for major investment in electric cars. With the expansion of electric vehicle charging facilities, we are sure to see changes in car consumption habits.

For some people, cars are more than just A means of transportation from point A to point B. It is also A status symbol. The car is interesting and super fast. That is the key reason why companies such as Tesla and BMW are so keen on electric cars. With the development of electric engine technology at present, we believe that hybrid or electric cars should be as good-looking as luxury cars and comfortable to drive. With sales rising in places like New York and California, more of the economy's electric car options will also be on the market.

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For rational buyers who are not swayed by the emotional appeal of tesla or BMW, there is another perfectly legitimate reason for them to switch to electric cars. In the car's life cycle, the total cost of electric cars is becoming the same or lower as the internal combustion engine, because they have fewer moving parts and lower maintenance costs. Most importantly, the resale value of internal combustion engines will begin to decline as demand declines, and may even reach the point where consumers have to spend money.

As an added bonus, the growth of the electric car market may have a significant impact on our global carbon footprint.

2. The "Uber effect" of car ownership

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Image caption Bath Spa

Uni boss paid £800k in final year Image caption Bath Spa University said Prof Christina Slade's pay-off was 'value for money' influenza vaccine efficacy Pan-negative controls may be less valid due to prevalence of noninfectious ILI or ARI.
A university vice-chancellor received more than ?800,000 in her final year in post, it has been revealed.
Accounts for Bath Spa University show Prof Christina Slade was paid ?429,000 "for loss of office" on top of her ?250,000 salary and other benefits.
The University and College Union (UCU) has called for an "urgent overhaul" of senior pay at British universities.
A spokeswoman for the university said the sum "was considered to represent value for money".
Prof Slade, who served as vice-chancellor until August, was also given a housing allowance of ?20,000 and another ?20,000 for "other benefits-in-kind".
There were also pension contributions of ?89,000.
In total, she received a pay package, including benefits and pensions, worth ?808,000.
Excessive salaries
Lord Adonis, who is leading a debate on the issue of vice-chancellor pay in the House of Lords, said: "If ?800,000 represents value for money for a vice-chancellor, then I am the emperor of China."
A spokeswoman for the university said: "Having taken legal advice, the university paid Prof Slade a sum which reflected her contractual and statutory entitlements, and was considered to represent value for money." Collaboration with Asia's Top Universities - PolyU fosters long-term partnership in academic and research collaboration with top universities asia. Most of them are the top 10 Chinese universities and top ten universities in Asia.
She said that the vice-chancellor's salary was decided by a pay committee, which did not include the vice-chancellor or staff.
The committee was "mindful of the need to respond to concerns about excessive salaries and take into account the performance of the university," she added.
Lord Adonis said such high rates of pay were not acceptable when students could potentially be racking up debts of ?100,000 because of the way interest was stacking up.
He added that it was not the case that England was losing vice-chancellors to the US, it was simply that universities had seen an explosion in income through higher fees.
Image caption Dame Glynis Breakwell agreed to stand down as University of Bath's vice-chancellor after a row over her pay
The new revelations came on the day it emerged the retirement terms of Britain's highest paid vice-chancellor are being investigated by a watchdog.
Prof Dame Glynis Breakwell announced she was resigning from the University of Bath after a row over her ?468,000 salary.
UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said that when it came to senior pay in universities "many vice-chancellors and senior staff look like they are living on a different planet".
She called for greater transparency into how senior pay awards were decided, with staff and students included on remuneration committees.
"We are seeing what happens when decisions are taken in secret without proper checks and balances," she added.
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Anna Jones’s autumnal recipes for roast squash

As the start of each season rolls in, I am persuaded that it is my favourite. This week, with the arrival of autumn’s first squashes, was no exception. I got the jumpers down from the loft in celebration.

For the past few weeks, squashes have been arriving in our veg box every Wednesday. Their shapes and colours are never the same: last week it was a squat, lacy-edged off-white pattypan and a cricket ball-sized acorn squash, dark and shiny on the outside and a deep pumpkin pie orange within. The previous week, there was a turban squash – green– and orange-striped and shaped like a cottage loaf – and a small, striped and pale-fleshed delicata. These squashes floor a lot of cooks who, unsure how to approach their gnarly curves, or don’t know if their skin is edible, second guess how long to cook them for.

Most squashes, though, are quite forgiving. The thinner-skinned ones can be chopped, skin-on and roasted in slices, and thick skinned squashes can be roasted whole, or stuffed or peeled and then roasted. The ever-present and delicious butternut squash is no exception.

Roast squash is one of the building blocks of a meal that I find really useful to have in the fridge. I’ll do a couple and keep leftovers to use as the week unfolds: in quick grain bowls, pastas, with noodles and even squashed into sandwiches. A cut small squash will roast in 20 minutes or less, so it can be a quick dinner from scratch, too.

Roast squash with lemongrass, peanut and lime

I eat this with lime-dressed buckwheat noodles or brown rice.

Serves 4
2 butternut squash
5 tbsp olive or coconut oil
2 tbsp coriander seeds
3 sticks lemongrass, finely chopped
3 red chillies, roughly chopped
4 limes

For the sauce
A thumb of ginger, peeled
250ml thick Greek or coconut yoghurt
150g roasted unsalted peanuts
A large bunch of coriander, leaves picked

1 Set the oven to 200C/400F/gas 6. If your squash is a butternut or thin-skinned variety, there is no need to peel it. Halve it, scoop out the seeds and cut into thick slices or boats. Lay them on a tray and drizzle with oil.

2 Bash the coriander seeds in a pestle and mortar. Add half the chopped lemongrass and bash again to break it down a little. Scatter this mixture over the squash with a good pinch of salt, and half of the chopped chilli.

3 Use a fine grater to zest 2 of the limes over the top of the pumpkin, then cut the two limes in half and squeeze the juice over the pumpkin. Toss everything together and put the lot into the hot oven for 45 minutes, or until the squash is golden.

4 Meanwhile, make the sauce. Put the reserved lemongrass into a bowl with the zest and juice of the remaining limes, finely grate in the ginger, add the yoghurt and mix well.

5 Once the squash is roasted perfectly, lay it on a serving platter, sprinkle over the peanuts and coriander leaves and serve the sauce on the side for spooning over.

Roast squash fregola with late tomatoes and spice

Serves 4
1 butternut or other squash
Salt and black pepper
6 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp nigella seeds
1 tsp cumin seeds
400g assorted tomatoes, roughly chopped
300g fregola pasta
1-2 tbsp harissa paste, to taste
A handful of black olives, stoned
Extra virgin olive oil, to finish
100g feta (optional)

1 Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/gas 6. Chop the squash. If you are using butternut or other soft-skinned squash there’s no need to peel it. Halve and deseed the squash and cut it into 2cm pieces. Put on to a tray with some salt, pepper and 2 tbsp of the olive oil and toss to coat. Roast for 25 minutes, or until it’s golden brown.

2 Heat the rest of the oil in a large pan, add the nigella and cumin seeds and stir in the pan for a minute or two. Then add the tomatoes to the pan, letting them soften and collapse into a rough sauce over a moderate heat.

3 Put a large pan of water on to boil and add a little salt. Tip in the fregola and leave to bubble away for 8 minutes. Check its progress regularly, draining it as soon as it is tender.

4 Stir the harissa paste and the stoned olives into the tomatoes and season with a little salt (you won’t need much).

5 Cook until you have a rich, thick sauce then stir in the drained fregola and pumpkin. Check the seasoning and serve with a drizzle more oil. You could crumble some feta (or even salted ricotta) over, if you like.

Anna Jones is a chef, writer and author of A Modern Way to Eat and A Modern Way to Cook (Fourth Estate); annajones.co.uk; @we_are_food

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Cubans Deny Any Role in U.S. Diplomats' Mystery Ailments

HAVANA — In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Cuban officials forcefully denied that their government was to blame for the mysterious ailments that have afflicted two dozen American diplomats and plunged relations with the U.S. into crisis.

President Donald Trump has publicly blamed the government in Havana for the reported symptoms, which range from hearing loss and nausea to memory problems and mild traumatic brain injury. But the Cubans leading the probe emphatically rejected that.

"I can guarantee you that this is completely false," Col. Ramiro Ramirez, chief of diplomatic security for the Cuban Interior Ministry, told NBC News in an exclusive interview.

U.S. officials believe some kind of sonic weapon was used to attack two dozen embassy staffers and relatives between the fall of 2016 and this August, but the Cubans claim they don't even have that technology — and U.S. experts say they don't know of technology that would produce the reported symptoms.

"Cuba has never produced these type of weapons," said Lt. Col. Jorge Alazo, head of the criminal division of the Interior Ministry.

The State Department pulled 60 percent of its workers out of the embassy in Havana three weeks ago and soon after expelled 15 Cuban diplomats from Washington, or nearly two thirds of Cuba's D.C. staff.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the "decision was made due to Cuba's failure to take appropriate steps to protect our diplomats."

The Cubans, who took the extraordinary step of inviting the FBI to Havana when the U.S. first reported the incidents, said they are doing everything they can to figure out what is behind the ailments.

Related: Response to Cuba Embassy Attacks Frustrates Victim

"This investigation has involved nearly 2,000 people," said Ramirez, "including law enforcement agents and the best scientists in our country."

They have examined rooms in two hotels where American embassy staffers lived, scoured a neighborhood where many had homes, interviewed 300 neighbors, and conducted dozens of medical exams to see if others outside the diplomatic cadre were affected.

"Not even one person was sick," said Dr. Manuel Villar. He noted, however, that the U.S. has refused to share the medical records of the diplomats or let the Cubans speak to U.S. doctors. The Cubans also say the State Department has not permitted them into the homes of U.S. diplomats to conduct tests.

The Cubans also analyzed air and soil samples, looked into whether insects could be the culprit and considered a range of toxic chemicals and the possibility of electromagnetic waves, the officials said.

But from the Cuban perspective, nothing so far has explained why U.S. diplomats began suffering health symptoms, some of them after what have been described as acoustic disturbances.

"We've been unable to find anything to prove this situation exists or ever existed," Alazo said.

There is audio of the strange, high-pitched sounds that some of the diplomats reportedly heard, but a document provided to NBC News by the Cubans says the recording did not capture "acoustic levels damaging to health."

And American experts said they know of no technology that would explain the symptoms.

"There's never been any kind of physiological response that reflects the symptoms that have been reported that has ever been caused by sound waves of any type," said Joe Pompei, a former MIT researcher who is the founder and president of Holosonics, a sound technology company.

"Unless they had transducers in the bathtub and had the diplomats submerge their heads for a long time, it's just not possible," Pompei added.

Despite Cuba's intense investigation and impassioned disavowals, the episode has frayed relations with the United States just two years after the Obama administration restored ties.

In a classified briefing for members of Congress, administration officials did not point a finger at Cuba, U.S. officials said. But Trump has cast blame in that direction at least twice.

"They did some bad things," he said in late September as the State Department began its drawdown of personnel. Two weeks later, he told reporters, "I do believe Cuba is responsible. I do believe that."

In Havana, Cuban officials dismiss speculation that hardliners on the communist island orchestrated attacks in an attempt to freeze the defrosting of relations between the two countries Having a ceramicvape cartridge is advantageous in vape cartridge packaging as it's healthier. Ceramic parts are resistant to abrasion and oxidation unlike other alloy wires where, oxidation occurs at higher temperature. .

As for the possibility that a third country, like Russia, wanted to cause trouble, Ramirez said, "We don't have definitive answers yet but Cuba has never allowed, nor would we ever allow, our territory to be used in this way."

The FBI has met with the Cubans this week to discuss the situation. Cuba says that despite the war of words, it's hoping for more cooperation that could unravel the mystery.

"Let us do it together and find out what is happening," Dr. Villar said.

2017年7月21日 (金)

Aided by such writings

Aided by such writings, and supported by German money, Pan-Islamic emissaries were busily engaged in every Moslem or partly Moslem country hong kong shopping, stirring up the Faithful to sedition and revolt. India, Afghanistan, Persia, and Egypt were all in a state of suppressed excitement and unrest, and it is probable that one more British reverse in the East would have been sufficient to set all these countries in a blaze. The least imaginative can form some idea of the tremendous consequences that such an upheaval would have had upon the war in general. Yet the newspapers of that time show clearly that there was a considerable, and vociferous, body of public opinion, both in England and in France, that regarded the Syrian and Mesopotamian campaigns as useless and extravagant 'side-shows,' and clamoured insistently for the recall of the troops engaged in them 2 bedroom house for rent. Thus, both for the purpose of re-establishing our waning prestige in the East, and of silencing the mischievous agitation at home, it was imperative that a signal defeat should be inflicted on the Turks as soon as possible. The capture of Jerusalem, which city ranks only after Mecca and Stamboul among the holy places of Islam, would set a fitting seal upon such a defeat, and would be certain to create a profound impression upon Moslems the world over. Jerusalem, therefore, became the political objective of the new British Commander-in-Chief. The strategical objective will be discussed later Our Innovative Research with practical value has complemented our efforts in internationalization. The PolyU-developed optical fibre sensing technologies using Fiber Bragg Grating sensors for automatic monitoring of subsidence as well as the research on vibration control in railway systems are obvious examples. . The situation in Palestine in the summer of 1917 was not, however, at first sight, very encouraging. Our two abortive attempts on Gaza had shown the German commanders the weak points in the Turkish defences, and they had set to work, with characteristic energy and thoroughness, to strengthen them. 'Gaza itself had been made into a strong, modern fortress, heavily entrenched and wired, and offering every facility for protracted defence. The remainder of the enemy's line consisted of a series of strong localities, viz.: the Sihan group of works, the Atawineh group, the Abu el Hareira-Abu el Teaha trench system (near Sharia), and, finally, the works covering Beersheba. These groups of works were generally from 1500 to 2000 yards apart, except that the distance from the Hareira group to Beersheba was about four and a half miles.... By the end of October these strong localities had been joined up so as to form a practically continuous line from the sea to a point south of Sharia. The defensive works round Beersheba remained a detached system, but had been improved and extended.'[Pg 4][2] The Turkish forces were thus on a wide front, the distance from Gaza to Beersheba being about thirty miles, but a well-graded, metalled road, which they had made just behind their line, connecting these two places, afforded good lateral communication, and any threatened point of their front could be very quickly reinforced. From July onwards continual reinforcements of men, guns, and stores had arrived on the enemy's front, and he had formed several large supply and ammunition depots at different places behind his lines. He had also laid two lines of railway from the so-called Junction Station on the Jerusalem-Jaffa line, one to Deir Sineid, just north of Gaza, and the other to Beersheba, and beyond it to the village of El Auja,[3] on the Turko-Egyptian frontier, some twenty-five miles south-west of Beersheba. It was evident that the Turks intended to hold on to the Gaza-Beersheba line at all costs, in order to cover the concentration and despatch of the Yilderim Force to Mesopotamia.

2017年6月28日 (水)

beautiful woman at his side

In such a company it was hardly possible for her to remain undiscovered, and she had not been in the hotel many hours when that Admirable Crichton, Dr. Orange, invited her to his own table. There she speedily began to reign to the satisfaction of a little coterie of the elect. If she, in her turn, shrank from the greatness thus thrust upon her, she was grateful for the compliment, and hastened to accept it. She had been alone so many months—she who was but seven-and-twenty, and had the heart of a child polar.

It was a great dinner that night, and merry the mood of the company. The "little widow" herself wore a dress of black velvet with a glorious "what-do-you-call-it" of white silk beneath it, as Bob Otway told his sister when describing it. Her diamonds were undoubtedly magnificent. Obviously a woman of fashion and of the world, she racked the animosities of prim misses from the suburbs and positively exasperated their mammas. These were of the "blouse" order, and obviously sober both in the matter of habit and of fashion. They dined with their eyes upon the "little widow" and their ears bent to every breath of gossip which stirred in an atmosphere odorous of dinner and cheap scents reenex facial.

Dr. Orange, meanwhile, was hardly conscious of the envy he excited. He had not heard the rhapsodies of the males or the conviction, general when the fish was served, that her eyes were divine. He saw a charming woman, with a skin that Greuze would have copied, a mouth that a suburban poet would have likened to a "rosebud," and hair so fine and silky and bewitching in its play of browns that another woman would have been tempted to ask immediately for the name of the hairdresser who supplied it. Her nose was retroussé and just a little flat; her forehead spoke of intellect; her neck and arms of a figure which an artist alone might have criticised. And so back to the eyes again—those eyes divinely blue, which looked into a man's soul (if he had one) or sent the devil flying out of him as though holy-water had been sprinkled round about.

The doctor was aware of all this, and so was Bess, who really rather despised middle-class folk and consorted with them merely because her uncle, the Cabinet Minister, was a Radical. But despite their knowledge, the usual conversation was eschewed altogether, and they discussed neither the magnificence of the latest production at His Majesty's, nor the fashionable intelligence from Monte Carlo. Andana and its excitements were topic enough—for was not this a day of prize-giving, and was not the doctor at his wits' end to find a prize-giver Wedding planner ?

"I would like you to do it," he said to the beautiful woman at his side, "but they will have a title here. I suppose it must be that amusing person, Lady Coral-Smith—her husband made his money out of red herrings, and we shall have to draw one across the scent. All this kind of thing devolves upon me. I have to run everything: the hotel, the races, the invalids—and even Miss Elizabeth here. Do you wonder I am growing older?"

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who were sent from

In addition to the captain, there were the chief officer, three mates and a large crew. In all there were thirty officers and petty officers, the whole complement amounting to 151 dermes , which nowadays would be thought enormous for a ship of her size. The men received two months’ wages in advance before sailing, and in February 1802 made sail down the Thames from Gravesend under the charge of one of the Company’s pilots, who brought her safely into the Downs, where the wind was blowing hard from the south-west, sending in a high sea. Addison was destined at once to have excitement, for about sundown, whilst his Majesty’s frigate Egyptienne was coming to anchor in the Downs, she had shortened sail and left herself too little way to shoot ahead of the Indiaman, with the result that she fell broadside on to the Marquis Wellesley’s bows, tearing away the latter’s cutwater and bowsprit, bringing down the foretopmast also, making in fact a clean sweep of the ship forward. The merchantman was lying to a single anchor at the time, but although it blew most of a gale during the night the ship rode it out all right, and next morning, the weather having moderated, the frigate’s commander sent some hands205 on board to give the ship a temporary refit. After this the Indiaman proceeded to Portsmouth, where she was fully repaired alongside a man-of-war hulk. On the 4th of March she went out of harbour and anchored at Spithead, where she took on board a number of his Majesty’s dragoons, as well as forty-nine of the East India Company’s troops and their wives for India. The next day, having received the Company’s packet from the India House and the despatches for Bengal and Madras, she weighed anchor in the afternoon and proceeded down Channel.

The last of old England was sighted the following day, and then anchors were unbent and all harbour gear stowed away for the long voyage. Madeira was sighted on the 14th of that month—not a bad passage for a sailing ship—and on the 4th of April the Equator was passed, where the usual ceremonies of crossing the line were undergone. It being my own and Newton’s [a young messmate’s] first trip into Neptune’s dominions, we underwent the accustomed and awful ordeal of shaving by the hands of his Majesty’s barber, thereby rendering us free mariners of the ocean.” On 24th April they were off the Cape of Good Hope, and on 21st June sighted Ceylon, and three days later arriving at Madras, Found Admiral Rainier’s squadron riding here, consisting of eight sail. Shortly afterwards a sham fight took place with the fleet and shore, followed by a grand illumination displayed from ships as well as the shore, likewise fireworks and rockets dermes , in commemoration of the Peace of Amiens.”

The Marquis Wellesley left Madras again in February 1803, after visiting ports on the coast, and206 in July fell in with an American bound from Gibraltar to Boston, and learned from her that war had been declared between England and France, so cartridges were filled and every preparation made on board the East Indiaman for defending herself. On the nineteenth of that month a strange sail appeared. The Indiaman made her private signal, but the stranger did not answer and sailed away. But at midnight she returned and was coming up fast, so the Indiaman at once prepared for action, Addison acting as powder-monkey. But presently she was found to be H.M. frigate Endymion, and sent a boat to the Indiaman in charge of a lieutenant and pressed eight of the merchant ship’s men, for the frigate had captured so many prizes that he had more prisoners on board than all his ship’s company. But before the mouth of the English Channel was reached the Marquis Wellesley was to have further exciting experiences. A few days after the previously mentioned incident, two ships were descried one morning while the people were at breakfast. At first Captain Mitchell bore up to assist one which was flying English colours, but one of the passengers (apparently of the sea-lawyer type which still survives) protested against the legal propriety of such proceeding on the part of an Indiaman volunteering her services in such an affair,” so Mitchell put his ship again on her course, much to the indignation of a choleric colonel, for the ship with the English colours was subsequently captured dermes .

Later on a large ship hove in sight on the weather bow and stood down towards the Marquis Wellesley. It was now night and the latter at once cleared for action and showed two tiers of lights. The stranger207 was hailed seven times before it could be ascertained that she was H.M.S. Plantagenet with a sloop-of-war as tender in company. Her captain came on board and complimented Captain Mitchell on the good arrangements made for the defence of the ship, and as he walked round the decks the men remained at quarters. He was good enough also to compliment Mitchell on the clever manner in which he had man?uvred his ship to prevent a raking broadside, but before leaving he impressed a few hands from us.”

On the 1st of August the Indiaman anchored in the Downs, and one of the Company’s pilots came aboard and took charge of her, bringing with him a number of ticket-men” to work the ship up the Thames. These were men who were sent from a man-of-war in place of such as had been impressed. On the third of the month the ship had reached her moorings off the Gun Wharf, Deptford, and four days later discharged the ship’s company and hired gangs to deliver the cargo. And then came the final, dramatic touch to this voyage: Shortly afterwards found that Mr White, managing owner of the Marquis Wellesley, had become bankrupt and was unable to pay the ship’s company.”

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